A Deeper Understanding Of The Metaverse – What It Will Do For Us, And Why It’s So Interesting


A Deeper Understanding Of The Metaverse - What It Will Do For Us, And Why It's So Interesting


A Deeper Understanding Of The Metaverse – What It Will Do For Us, And Why It’s So Interesting

What needs and necessities does the Metaverse’s three-dimensional virtual reality respond to? It is difficult to give a simple answer to these questions. Taking a look at it from its birth to today, you can understand a lot about this new technology in which important companies are investing millions if not billions (like Meta).


– The term “Metaverse” was coined in the cyberpunk world in 1992 but grew in popularity when Facebook announced the creation of Meta, the new holding company of the group that owns the social giants of the web.

– The project encompasses a set of virtual worlds, interconnected realities populated by avatars where it will be possible to purchase goods, create objects or real estate, participate in forums, events and concerts, and live parallel experiences to what happens outside the web.


– The most visionary businesses and big techs have begun to integrate their platforms within the Metaverse. Certain of an explosion of virtual in the immediate future that will make them an active and original part of the internet revolution.


Today the Metaverse is a well-established reality, with its innovative tools and its ever-expanding communities, which have made experiences such as immersive business meetings, customized marketing events, and even virtual concerts.


All this demonstrates how the Metaverse represents the answer to the digital revolution we are experiencing today. It is the most advanced virtual reality reached, and it offers an infinite number of possibilities, capable of amplifying our ability and creativity in using the web.




The term “Metaverse” was coined in the cyberpunk world in 1992 by author William Gibson, who described a virtual reality interconnected with modern discourse and anticipating what we would today define as a decentralized system.


There is also the sci-fi novel Neal Stephenson who contributed to the distribution of the term with his book Snow Crash, released in 1992.


Word was later spread by the gaming world and World of Warcraft fans. But it was Facebook that made the Metaverse a reality, announcing the creation of Meta and investing millions in building a virtual interconnected network.


What the Metaverse meant in Neal Stephenson’s novel helps us understand something.


Description of the novel Snow Crash:


Snow Crash is a postmodern science fiction story following Hiro Protagonist, a freelance hacker, and swordsman from the Metaverse.


The book describes a future in which the global economy is subjugated by large private corporations, which have built “Metacities” – large territorial units controlled by their own private militaries. In the midst of these circumstances, a dangerous computer virus called Snow Crash is discovered, threatening the computers of the United States and the privacy of the population.


Hiro meets lifelong friends, Y.T. and Raven, who help him in the fight against the Snow Crash virus, travel through the virtual network of the Metaverse and explore private cities in order to discover the source of the unknown virus and save them from this global threat.


Snow Crash is regarded as one of the most important books in the field of postmodern science fiction, as it described in 1992, a future in which virtual reality would make possible the creation of an entire economy and society based on interconnectedness.


Thus, we can say that the Metaverse is a modern concept that dates back to 1992, but evolved later due to the development of technology and investment by large corporations.


Today it represents a new world in the digital age, where innovative services such as immersive business meetings, personalized marketing events, and virtual concerts are available.




As our world is ever-changing, the Metaverse appears to be here to stay – with an infinite potential for opportunities awaiting it. This can offer each of us a new way to interact with our surroundings and better experience our stories in the digital future.


It offers various possibilities, such as access to immersive and engaging content, borderless connectivity to interact with people from all over the world, a collaborative learning environment, and new ways of commerce. All of these things form the foundation of contemporary virtual reality.


Furthermore, the Metaverse is not only accessible to large corporations; many open-source platforms like OpenSim have become popular among people who want to get a taste of virtual reality.


This means that independent creators can also contribute unique and fun content to the Metaverse, thus creating new ways to explore the digital world.


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It should be specified that there are more metaverses, the most famous and detached from each other are for example Roblox, The Sandbox, Somnium Space, Horizon World, and of course, Decentraland.


Simple virtual reality is for example the one represented by video games, which you can use in and immerse yourself in virtual reality with a viewer. I can mention Fortnite, a game that has been incredibly successful.


With the Metaverse we go further: we speak of an economy in its own right, with a currency and Nft technology that allows digital goods to be unique, unedited, and uncopyable. There are pieces of that virtual reality (land) that can be purchased by users and society, and lastly, a development shared and made by the same people of the Metaverse.



The Metaverse allows you not only to experience virtual reality but also to create your own reality.


This technology allows users to develop and share content, just like they do in the real world. Additionally, users can purchase “land” or “digital assets” in virtual reality for creative use.


Furthermore, unlike what it may seem, the Metaverse is a place where you can do concrete things such as meet people, create content, work, and even earn.




The Metaverse is a cutting-edge concept that has very interesting applications in the digital world. This new frontier offers everyone the opportunity to explore it, share their ideas, and experiment with new things.


There are several platforms that offer the opportunity for everyone to enter the Metaverse, including online games such as Roblox and The Sandbox.


This is a digital world that is growing rapidly and has now become a staple of modern technology.


Thanks to its versatility and unlimited potential, the Metaverse can be used to develop new solutions and innovative ideas, allowing everyone to better enjoy our digital future.


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